NYC Upside Down Inc. is a movement whose sole purpose is to equip emerging leaders by means of encouragement, education and empowerment. Our team is made up of various pastors, teachers, and leaders who have modeled servant leadership and have a desire to affect the world by affecting its leaders. Our main reason for existence is to change the discrepancies between God’s plan and man’s failure. We want to live out Romans 12, with our lives placed at the altar so that God’s will might be accomplished in His church. Our drive comes from looking at the condition of our sin-laden world and the need for the church to take its rightful place. Thus, restoring God’s plan and flipping a Bizarro World right side up.

Acts 17 gives us an account of the early church and its affect on society. Paul and Silas, as usual, were moving from city to city preaching the gospel. As Paul’s custom he would stop in certain cities and speak in synagogues, reasoning with the Jews, hoping that some would come to faith in Christ. On this day, in Thessalonica, jealous men began to cause a riot. As one man once said, “Wherever Paul went there was either riot or revival, or sometimes both.” They wanted to put these “troublemakers” in jail. They saw the affect that Christianity had on the world around them and did not want change in their culture or city. They could not find Paul or Silas but took Jason an innocent bystander, but still a believer. He was guilty by association. As they brought him and a few other believers before the city authorities the only accusation they could muster up was, “these people have come here to change our world”.

The only accusation that could be brought against the believers was that “these people have turned their world upside down!”

Our desire is that the church today would be accused of the same thing. When we watch the news, read newspapers, articles, etc., we find many tragic stories about the state of our world. We are saddened by the effects of sin—children are fatherless, parents are killing their children and children their parents. Child trafficking and pornography has become one of the lucrative businesses in our world today. Our teenagers are suffering with STDs, depression, and suicide as their number one killer. How about the state of the church?