Pastor Adam Durso

The Beginning
“Angry, frustrated, upset!!!” That’s how Adam Durso felt the day his parent’s decided to leave a lucrative family business to become full time pastors. He would continue to “play the role” in church until he had the chance to escape. Going away to college was his open door and with his new found freedom; Adam began to live a reckless & promiscuous lifestyle. At the end of his first year of college he was forced to call home for money. The deal was simple: his father would not send any money but instead offered Adam a job doing maintenance at the church. Adam refused! He reasoned that with his 3.7 GPA and an extensive resume he would not resort to working for his father. Surely, there would be a better offer. After failed attempts to get another job, Adam had no choice but to call home. It was while he was at home, during a prayer service at the church his parents’ pastor that Adam came to the realization of his need of a Savior. He gave his heart to Jesus Christ that day and from that day on his life was forever changed.

A.D.1996: Call to Ministry
In the fall of 1996, while cleaning the church sanctuary, Adam heard the words “Youth Explosion” and had a vision of a room filled with young people. He knew at that moment God was calling him to begin a youth ministry. He responded to God’s call and shared the vision with his parents. Soon after, Adam assembled a small team of youth leaders who shared his passion to ignite the fuse of this explosion. They started out with only 18 young people, but continued to pray and fast with much faith and with great expectation. In their first meeting, over 60 young people flooded the altar committing their lives to Jesus Christ. Since then, the ministry welcomes 500 young people every Friday night at their weekly service, “The Aftershock,” and its ripple effects are expanding beyond New York City. Youth Explosion has been featured on the 700 Club, BET Nightly News, ABC Teen News, CBS News, BBC Radio, in the NY Times, VIBE Magazine, and NY Newsday. God also opened doors for Youth Explosion to partner with Six Flags Great Adventure to host 5 events at their local theme park, which attracted over 10,000 people each year. In February 2008 and April 2009, Youth Explosion partnered with Teen Mania Ministries and Acquire the Fire in hosting Battle Cry NYC. Adam Durso along with Youth Explosion has continued to commit itself to the youth of their surrounding communities, to the mission of making disciples and to the declaration of preaching the gospel fearlessly and with great power.

Upside Down Inc and Faith Breathes
Though Adam is no longer Youth Pastor over YE Ministries his vision has not changed for the youth of this nation. Presently Executive Pastor of Christ Tabernacle and the Executive Director of Youth Explosion Ministries, Adam has expanded his vision to consulting and partnering with churches worldwide who are believing for the youth within their communities. Upside Down Inc, a corporation Adam Durso founded along with pastors in neighboring areas focuses on training, strengthening and empowering youth pastors everywhere to reach the mission of “turning this world upside down for Christ”. For Adam, Faith Breathes LLC is an extension to this mission, as he looks to encourage people everywhere to put their faith in God and in His Son Jesus Christ. Remembering that faith in God is a sign of life in a believer the same way that breathing is a sign of life for every living thing.